Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Feliz dia de las Madres (2017)

(Happy Mother’s Day)

In honor of my Mexican heritage which celebrates Mother’s Day on the 10th of May I would like to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day.

I have been blessed to have been raised by an incredible woman who had to be both mother and father to me and my siblings.  My dad’s passing forced her to take on life with 3 children.  I think she did an amazing job as a parent.  

My heart is full of gratitude for having the privilege of having a friend in my mom. Though growing up with an old fashioned and strict parent was difficult, as an adult I have realized more than once that I am fortunate beyond words.

Early in the year my maternal grandmother passed and this day is especially difficult.  Another great woman whose hardships never stopped her from guiding and loving her children, her grandchildren and other family.

To my friends and family, especially “My two Fridas” Happy Mother’s Day”.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Smartass Conversations 2/22/15

Sunday morning my Honey and I were driving around town running some errands when I thought I'd discuss an idea that's been bouncing around in my head.

ME: Babe... how would you feel if I got another tattoo? (I have one that I got on my 30th birthday)
THE HONEY: Where? (He has none)
ME: I don't know, probably add to the one I have. (ME THINKING: So it's no longer referred to as a tramp stamp)
THE HONEY: Are you going to tattoo my name?
ME: My second husband would probably not like it. (Grin)
THE HONEY: I expect you to be a grieving widow and never marry again; maybe join a convent.
ME: The only way I'd join a convent is if it was the name of a rock band.
THE HONEY: You'll wear black for the rest of your life?
ME: Black INK!
THE HONEY: I thought you were gonna throw yourself on my funeral pyre!
ME: (Eyes rolling) NOPE! I've told you THAT AIN'T HAPPENING!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year 2015 - (Quick recap of 2014)

I am the forever optimist, and gratitude is a trait instilled in me from childhood that wasn't easy to grasp in my younger years, but life had  a way to show me with examples.  I am grateful for the past year!  It was full of good moments and the bad ones not big enough to recall easily.  I am truly grateful for the past months and looking forward to this new year.

Things happen for a reason, and moving back to San Antonio has had us close to loved ones during important moments.  We were able to attend my nephew's football games when living a few towns over made it difficult to share in watching him grow up.  By the way, the kid recently turned 13 and is 6 foot-plus!
Nephew is tallest kid in his team.
My concern about moving in with my mother was understandable, but thankfully things have worked out better than I could have ever imagined.  The arrangement is still "temporary", but I am happy that it has been beneficial to all in more ways than one.  I am glad we were around to support mom during a brief health scare, but thankfully all is well.

Concert t-shirt worn at 2014's Rock n Roll marathon
In 2014 we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.  Fate managed to arrange that one of our favorite local singers, Robert Earl Keen--who we saw perform on our third date, play on our wedding anniversary. My honey planned a wonderful weekend around it.

The honey ran his 4th full marathon, shaving about 12 minutes from his time the prior year, and he got a kick out of attracting the attention of Mrs. Keen (who also ran the San Antonio Rock n Roll marathon) with the REK t-shirt he wore to the race.

Every now and then my honey manages to scare me with some minor injury that triggers a flood of emotions.

When you've experienced loss at an early age you tend to overreact a bit, but I try to make light of it on the outside and not let it out of control, This year we did a little four-wheeling over Thanksgiving and my love had a mishap that almost catapulted him over the handle bars.  Not a big deal, expect I watched it up close and in slow motion. It was nothing a few cold beers and ice couldn't cure, though the after math did leave huge bruising on his thigh and torso.  I am grateful we ended the year in one piece!
Ambidextrous.  Balancing ice on one hand while drinking beer with the other.
So the past year was a good one and I am hopeful 2015 will be even better.  May your new year be full of wonderful surprises and hopefully no injuries.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

And the move goes on

We are in between residences.  I can't begin to tell you how painful it is to have to purge thru our belongings.  It is especially painful for two procrastinators who keep putting things off.

All I can say is "I can't wait until August" when the move will be complete one way or another. We have been throwing out things we didn't realize we were hording. Like 12 or more half-empty bottles of shampoo and conditioner.  Another dozen or so containers of some type of sunscreen.  Makeup; enough to stock up a store's makeup counter and some diffuser attachments to hair dryers that died and were replaced years ago. This alone came out from our master and guest bathroom cabinets.

The hardest part has been deciding what to sell or donate.  We keep having the same discussions of why much of "my honey's stuff" (things he owned before we married) are being purged and have been disposed of over the years as to "my stuff" (things I acquired before we met) that are being kept! One simple reason.  "My stuff" isn't junk!  (Note: we have learned to call it all "our"stuff except when we are campaigning to keep or dispose of something.)  I took the time and had the discipline to save for the best quality I could afford.  My honey, well ...  He is a guy (though I know it is offensive to stereotype).  His furniture was functional and that is about the most positive thing I can say!

There are things I owned before him that aren't making the cut, but it is definitely noticeable how very little of his furniture will be coming along with us.  Yes, we've been together a few years but not long enough not to remember who owned what.  Actually there aren't many pieces of furniture we've purchased since we've been together.  We've mostly invested in upgrading electronics.

Anyways, "The Great Summer Migration of 2014" goes on.  I ask that you send us some "good ju-ju" or if you are the praying type a big prayer to help us survive it.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Moving back “home”

After 5 years of living in a town 35 miles north of San Antonio we are finally moving back home (to San Antonio).  It is not exactly what I had hoped for, but I trust that everything happens for a reason and “in God’s time”.

We have been living and both working in different cities hoping to lay roots once we managed to move back or a job opportunity took us further away.  I don’t really know why it always felt like a temporary living situation, but the years sure flew by fast. 

It happened that the house we have been leasing was put on the market and since we weren't interested in buying this particular home we had to start looking for a place to move.  At the same time my mother who had been living alone for just a short time (since my sister got engaged and decided to re-marry) was having a difficult time getting accustomed again to an empty house.  On top of that, right before retirement, my mother’s workplace went thru some changes and that turned out to be a change in her income.  So, “in God’s time” the chance to move back to San Antonio came our way.  We will be moving in with my mother.  (Pause for all those screaming at the thought of moving back in with their parents.)

So it isn't the ideal move, but it will be a chance to help my mom and help ourselves.  We will be able to save a bit while my honey tries to switch jobs and hopefully find another job in San Antonio or a better opportunity takes us elsewhere.  Mom won’t be so lonely, will get some financial relief and will have a chance to see if she could live with us “in her old age”.

It may be strange to some, but in my family the thought of our mother (our only parent – Dad passed when I was 9) living alone at an age when things may start becoming difficult for her is horrific. My brother and I both have told her time and time again that we want her to move in with either one of us when she is ready. It is something I informed/discussed with my honey long before we considered marriage. The timing couldn't have been planned better.  Concern over my mom had made my brother begun considering the option to get a bigger house or renting his current home and move his family into mom’s place since there is more room.  The hesitation was my nephew would be in a different school district.

Anyway, things are working out without any obstacles.  I am very fortunate my honey actually likes my mother, and she thinks he is a great guy and wonderful son-in-law. We’ll see how things go; in the meantime there is purging and packing ahead of us.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Time off to consider

I knew this blog would have to evolve.  I actually ran out of things to say and life has been happily passing by.  I didn't want my post to become meaningless blabber..  For a moment I even considered posting a recipe just to post something.  After almost 5 years of marriage (thought this blog is much younger) the "novelty" of being married vanished.  What our lives have become are a real marriage!  A marriage with ups and downs, casual memories and difficult decisions.  It has been eyeopening!  How far we've come along.  How blessed we are to have grown in to a partnership, a team..

I intend for my writing to be about a couple in their forties.  The challenges, the future and most of all the simple joy of loving your mate.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Thankful for the holiday season

Happy holidays!  Hope this season has been good to you! I am feeling all warm and fuzzy inside after these past weeks.

First we were blessed to have been able to host our very first "Friendsgiving" in November.  A group of friends (total of 11 adults ) sat at our table being thankful for so many things, but especially having each other in our lives.  It was a pot luck dinner which made it easier than our usual Thanksgiving celebrations. 

I had no idea there was such a thing as "Friendsgiving", but I found an e-vite format that tells me this concept has been around for a bit! 

Of all the things I am thankful for, I am most thankful for the friends who share my joys and allow me to lean on them thru my struggles!

Don't ask me how but somehow we managed to put up our Christmas tree on December first!  We also sent out all of our Christmas cards the first half of the month, and being that last year we didn't send out any and the year before we sent them out right before the new year I am feeling very accomplished! The honey also managed to put up lights on the house without any injuries! 

Anyways, this year a good friend invited us to spread some holiday cheer in downtown San Antonio (TX) and I have to say it was the best time I've had at Christmas time since I was in high school when the choir would go caroling on the Riverwalk. (a mighty long time ago!)

We dressed very festive (a few of us in costume)  to hand out candy and toys to all we ran in to.  The smiles on children not expecting to get "Elved" (Santa's elves were running amok) was priceless.  Our friend was very much prepared with the loot to give away because he even had a few very warm pieces (scarfs, gloves, and hats) for the less fortunate living on the street.

This holiday season I attempted my usual baking, but this year the results were right down pathetic. I baked on three different days and each time I managed to burn cookies.  It is the horrible to be stuck with 7 dozen cookies that aren't good enough to wrap up and give away and not burnt enough to toss out!   There was only one batch of cookies that were half decent.  My first try at baking gingerbread men or rather "ninja-bread" men: solely attempted for  my 8 year old neighbor who is a cool little kid in martial arts (Brazilian Jujitsu) and I very much encourage girls to kick butt.

So the year will soon wrap up; I sit on my couch admiring our Christmas tree loving the new ornament additions. I am glad I found an ornament that "my nerd" would think was cool.

I am also glad my honey insisted on buying me a tree ornament in the middle of July while on vacation this year.

I am hopeful the new year will bring wonderful things to us, and I wish the same to you all.  May you make wonderful memories in 2014