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Wedding Photos

Friday, March 15, 2019

Work here, work there, work everywhere.

After our move to Austin I had to keep my job to hang on to the health coverage that would be taking care of my scheduled surgery.  I was able to telecommute part of the week before and after (surgery) and for a while having to drive in to San Antonio wasn’t so bad. I worked for a pretty good company for over a decade, but the 200-plus mile round trip began to sting after a while.  I began a job search closer to home, but shortly after I again ended up in the hospital.  This time with a broken kneecap. I was fortunate the San Antonio job gave me a flexible schedule and allowed me to work from home, because the recovery time was much longer. Just as soon as I was back up to speed there were big changes at work that stopped me from telecommuting, which gave me a bigger incentive to switch jobs.

I would like to say that in no time I was able to find a job in Austin. Nope, that wasn’t the case.  I am a firm believer that everything happens “in time” or “God’s time”.  I had a job offer that fell thru and a job offer I declined for something much promising that ended up not promising at all.  Then my mother suffered a car wreck that had a few complications and pushed her in to early retirement.  It became a blessing to still be working in San Antonio and be able to help care for my mom. (job search on hold)

I had begun to stay in San Antonio a few nights a week and that quickly turned in to the full work week with me driving home on weekends. Not surprising it put a strain on our marriage. I became a part time wife and felt like a guest in my own home.  Both the honey and I would do our best not to waste precious time complaining or bickering when we saw each other, but the restraint made it worse because often we would end up blowing up at each other for insignificant things. 

I worked for a long period without any time off using any accumulated vacation to schedule job interviews.  Not knowing my way around a new city (Austin) made it difficult to gauge whether job prospects were conveniently located. If you live in or near a large and very congested city you know how easily 20 to 30 miles can equate to a 60 minute-plus commute. 

Again, “in time/God’s time”. My employer was aware of my job search, so I was a prime candidate when the need to cut some positions came around. I had a bit of notice so was able to line up some temp work.  I ended my longest held job on a Friday and started a temporary job the following Monday. I am very happy to report that temp job quickly turned in to a permanent job and I now work 2 miles from home.  It all happens for a reason.  I held on to a job that gave me good health insurance coverage to get me thru some costly hospital stays.  The slow job switch held me in San Antonio at a crucial time, when having a new job would have made it hard to take time off and be there for my mom. After suffering thru a ridiculous commute, I was rewarded (it feels like a reward) with a very conveniently located job.  Thank you, God!

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