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Wedding Photos

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Making some "ME" time..

 I know it seems like I've fallen off the face of the earth with little to no posts lately.  I've been entertained with old interests and there is only so much time to do all the things I want.

I have had the good fortune of having an old friend move back to town recently. He is a well seasoned musician and is now giving me private drum lessons. 

He seems to think I want a new career because he's been telling me that in no time I will be able to "get some gigs" (got to love the lingo) subbing for local bands.  My friend is in his 60's and looks like a salt & pepper version of "Animal" from the Muppet's.

I have no delusions of becoming a paid musician/drummer.  The drum lessons I have taken in the past (in a class of 5 or 6 students) have all been to have fun.   I strive to soon feel capable/confident enough to sign up at "open jam night" and play my part on a song or two.  I am finding out that I haven't had enough instruction, and my bad technique is due to little supervision in learning in a group class. 

Drumming is something I took up before I married, and thought I haven't exactly kept up with it these past couple of years (my drums have spent more time neglected in our office than taking licks!)  my honey has always been very supportive.

Anyways, lately I've had the opportunity to spend more of my free time with my two best friends. In early May I took a long weekend to the beach with the girls.  We used to have a "Girls weekend getaway" every year, but marriage, kids, divorce and other responsibilities has made it hard for our usual little group to gather.

I am lucky that my honey is understanding of my need to bond with my girl friends.  He's never been jealous or stood in the way of my friendships like it some times happens in relationships.   He does sometimes pretends to lay a guilt trip by playing poor me!  "All alone... Unsupervised!"

It's been nice to have gone back to making time for ME.  I really can't say that I resent work, marriage, home or family that absorb my waking moments.  Somehow I noticed I had a long list of things to do and few items of things I WANTED TO DO so it was time stop trying to stretch hours in the day and just schedule some "fun time". I am very fortunate that there wasn't a tragedy shaking me up to prioritize!!

So we've been enjoying some simple pleasures: hanging out some nights on the driveway with a group of neighbors (next time I am making Mojitos), catching a few matiness on the latest movie releases, have gone back to cooking and eating more meals together during the week, even managed to squeeze in reading a book or two (I am on a "classics" kick and for the first time have read EMMA and DRACULA).

Now I just have to schedule some time to write & read blogs on a "regular" basis while we share one lap top.  The honey's dinosaur of a laptop expired a few weeks ago, and we've agreed to research our purchase and wait for a good deal.  I know one of us can always use our "almost forgotten" desk top, but neither likes to actually work in our office.

Anyways, I hope your Summer has been festive..