Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy birthday to us!

The honey and I have birthdays (about 5 weeks apart) soon after Christmas and finding a good birthday gift  especially after the exhaustion all the holiday shopping is hard! This year I totally blanked out!  I couldn't come up with ANYTHING at all that would surprise him! 

Even after managing to leave work early on his birthday to make one final attempt at finding a gift, I came up with nothing!  I didn't want to just buy something so he would have a gift to open.  I wanted to find a gift he would be excited over, not like the chain and charm I gave him not long ago. Nothing came to mind so in defeat I resigned to the shame of having NO GIFT.

I did manage to put a smile on his face by gifting him, of all things, a box of Poptarts!  He loves them and since I police our sugar/junk food so much the treat actually excited him! That and a geeky Star Wars birthday card (aside from the muchy-lovey-dovey one) was all I had.

I took him to dinner at a restaurant of his choice and at the end promised him I would buy whatever he wanted or at least give him cash he could spend guilt free.  Very lame, very "throw money at the problem" and impersonal.  Weeks later I still feel awful!

On Valentine's Day (which is also my birthday) I did much better on the gift department.  I got him (3 weeks in advance) the latest CD and a T-shirt from one of his favorite non-main stream bands "Dread Zeppelin".  My honey is a big Led Zeppelin fan and owns a large collection of music from tribute bands. This particular band (Dread Zeppelin) has become one of my favorites as well!

Anyway, my honey gets brownie points for making my birthday special.  Not only did he have a gift for me 1st thing in the morning, he also arranged to work a half day and go in to work early so he could leave in time to make the 80 mile trek from the town he works in to San Antonio just to take me out to lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant. Since we work in different towns (from where we live) and in opposite directions meeting for lunch on a work day only happens when one of us has a day off.

Our Valentine's Day celebration wasn't the traditional going out to dinner most couple's do.  Instead we opted to stay home and have a quiet evening where we made home made pizza and as the nerds that we are sat together to watch Big Bang Theory on T.V.

Valentine Pizza!

I hope your Valentine's day celebration was great for you all, no matter how you chose to celebrate!

(I know this post is a month late, but I am easily distracted and haven't had much time to play/write lately.)