Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lack of information (part II)

We arrived at the party on time, which is very unusual for us because I am always on what I like to call "Mexican time". (A bit racist, but I am Mexican so I think I can get away with it! - More on that on another post) The hosts are a nice couple I have met a couple of times, but honestly I don't know much about them.  The wife is a high school friend of my husband's who lives in "the area" and because we are the same age range we are trying to keep in touch with, hopefully building on an old friendship.

Anyways, when we arrived with our SIX dozen cookies I immediately noticed lovely x-mas trays with only a few cookies on each. Hmmm I felt like ONE, I over did the cookies and TWO my presentation had a lot to be desired having placed the cookies in a bakers box. I didn't think this was after all a cookie exchange party like I had understood from my husband's "a cookie party". He now sings the tune that he said it was a 'baked goods party". 

People soon began to follow thru the door and after a few minutes; it was well noticeable that we failed to bring with us the accessory of choice.  I do not mean to sound ugly, but every couple there had at least one child and, well, we have no children.  I felt a bit out of place, but the hosts were nice to invite us. 

As I was trying to mingle and get to know the other guest I realized what they all had in common were their kids. They either attended school together or had another activity in common.  I also began to notice I was a little overdressed with my jeans, sequined tank top and little cardie.  All the ladies were very dressed down, not that my jeans weren't "dressed down," but I stood out.  I dismissed it to others being aware of the caroling later in the evening. Then, I heard one conversation go " how do you know them (the hosts)?" The response was, "I volunteer at the kid's school".  Blah, blah, blah.. more conversation that I wasn't really paying attention to since I was talking to someone sitting next to me but then the phrase "I am the captain of the green team" caught my attention.  Green team?? I thought to myself.  Ohhh.. it dawned on me as I scanned the room around.  These are what I call "granola folk" , the good people who live green and who make me feel ashamed of not doing more than recycling at home .  Austin and the area around it are full of them!

That made sense, cotton being the fabric of choice and me standing out in my "single lady" ensemble (my sister calls all bling/sequined clothes that because it reminds  her of Beyonce who wears a lot of it).  Yep, I felt out of place.  I moved in to the kitchen and hung out there trying to offer our host help, but the kitchen smelled phenomenal and everything was under control and on schedule.  Meanwhile the baked goodies table began to fill with more lovely trays and our cookie box looked more and more like a cement block anchoring it all down.

As I hovered in the kitchen chit chatting (mostly with my husband by this time because our lack of kids began to set us apart from the "the parents") I took advantage of sampling the aromatic soups our host had cooked.  Potato leek and tortilla soup, the latter being vegan I was told.  It went in and out of my ear until all the vegetarian and vegan cook books on a shelf woke me up!  Ding, ding, ding... not only were our cookies NOT vegan, but they weren't kid friendly either!!  We had taken my famous Rum Raisin Oatmeal cookies.  FULL of booze because the raisins had been macerating for weeks!  Oh my god!!  I laughed and panicked!  I laughed some more when I heard one of the guest say "I am going to put my cookies on this end and group all the other gluten-free goodies". 

I felt like Alice in Wonderland; totally out of place in a seemingly familiar land with odd customs, clearly not like the other cookie parties I had attended. We had a nice time, but I strongly feel had I seen the actual invitation instead of being given bits and pieces of information from my husband we would have been better prepared.  After some discussion, ok arguing, my honey has agreed again to forward future invitations to me-or at least let me read them myself to avoid the miscommunication.  Let's see if that happens...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Lack of information (part 1)

I am sure it happens to many married couples that when invited to an event/party, one or both usually forget to pass on all the details.  Well, my husband has done just that many a times!  We get invited weeks in advance and I am told the day before or when I am trying to lock in other plans. 

This month we were invited to a Christmas party in north Austin, wait.. It wasn't even Austin, ended up being 15 miles outside of Austin which is an even longer drive than the hour, hour & a half drive from where we live (New Braunfels to Austin).  Ok, so I ended up falling a sleep on the drive there. I am famous for falling asleep in the car and my husband loves to tease me about it.  In my defence I get bored in the car when I am not doing the driving; and listening to the same old stuff (Classic Rock) ALL THE TIME makes me tune out to la-la land or just doze off. 

Anyways, the invite came several weeks before the party and I found out about it about a week before.  Three days prior to the party I was notified by my husband that it was a "cookie party".  For those of you who aren't familiar with this theme party they are somewhat popular in the 30 and above age range.  So, now we had to bake cookies for the party. (Overworked, not yet started  our xmas shopping, now we must fit in baking.)  I've been to a number of them.  You show up and swap cookies with others hoping that you are the worst baker in the bunch and get to come home with yummy loot.

We finally reach Pflugerville (the "P" is silent) and we are blocks from the party when the honey asks how long I want to stay at the party which is being held late Sunday afternoon.  "I don't know, when ever you want to leave is fine with me" is my response.  What I get back made my eyes pop out of my sockets.  "How about we stay a couple of hours or until it's time to go caroling".  CAROLING??  Whatcha talking about Willis,  is my first thought (Yes, I am a child of the 80's and corny on top of it!) 

"What do you mean caroling?? Oh,,. there will be caroling, didn't I mention it?" This is when impulsive me wished she could wrap her hands around his neck-but he was driving, so it wouldn't be such a hot idea.  Instead with a half whine and half scolding voice I began to ask how he could fail to mention such details?  I was wearing heels and opted to leave behind a coat since I figured I would be ok going from car to house quickly. Why didn't he say something when ONE, I asked him if what I was wearing was ok for the gathering and TWO when I asked him how cold it was outside and if the sweater I was wearing would  be enough? This is EXACTLY why I get upset with him when I ask him a question about how I look and he automatically answers "you look fine" like a recording. 

Ok, shake it off.  No carolling!  Never been, don't know if I would get "into it" with strangers. (We  only knew the couple hosting the party). We would get to go home early but the short visit after such a long drive felt almost worthless.  Anyways, once we got there I realized there was WAY more information I lacked..  (to be continued)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Life in perspective

These last few months several of my close friends have been celebrating their 40th birthday.  Some have been very graceful and have kicked up their heels in celebration; others don't even want their spouses to mention the "F" word.  FORTY!
I for one have always embraced each of my birthdays.  I know my lack of fear over the years passing has been because of having my father pass on at the young age of 32.  Every year (especially past 32) I have felt incredibly blessed to have lived.  I think of all the things my father has missed out on!  He would have loved all the impressive gadgets we can't seem to live without!  He was a bit of a trendsetter and managed to find all the toys not yet popular or coveted.

My father would have certainly loved to have seen my brother follow in his footsteps (law enforcement) and it should go without saying his one grandson whose middle name honors him. 

This weekend my sister lost one of her best girlfriends. The young woman had just celebrated her 30th birthday two weeks before.  I can't imagine all of the things SHE will miss out on, and how much those who love her will miss her.  All I know is that my heart goes out to her family and friends.
To my sister I say: congratulations for sharing the last months of her adventure.  You were there to hold her hand when the worst diagnosis was given, and inspired her to fulfill many little dreams. I know in my heart your friendship to her was valuable!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Family matters

It is without saying that no matter how close knit a family one has there will always be a few disagreements.  I had one last weekend with the usual family member and I have to say I am most thankful for having not only a great friend to vent with who has seen me thru rough times in my life, but now a wonderful husband to help me shrug it off. 

I worry sometimes about venting with my husband.  I don't ever want him to resent any member of my family who happens to be driving me crazy at any given day.  He is pretty wonderful and stays neutral.  I have told him time and time again I can't divorce my family so I just have to get over things or pretend the argument didnt' happen!  It isn't that I am in denial or afraid of confrontation, it's because with this ONE particular family member we (not me) can never agree to disagree!

Anyways, I hope you are looking forward to gathering with family or perhaps bracing yourself for it. 8-)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Time to bake

I seldom bake, but during the holiday season I enjoy whipping up a few batches of cookies. I am a bit of a "one trick pony" when it comes to cookies.  I am well known for my Rum Raisin Oatmeal Cookies and this year I was glad to get some help from my honey! It just so happened that both of our jobs held their holiday party on the same day, so Thursday night we had our own little assembly line going.  I mixed and scooped as he handled the traffic in and out of the oven. Granted the hubby spent more time doing "quality control", but we still managed to prepare about 12 dozen cookies that we split and each took to work.  Like always they were a big hit!  I am so glad we kept only four or five cookies at home. With all the upcoming gatherings there will be plenty of sweets around to tempt us.

What tempts you this season?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Its the holiday season..

Though not my #1 holiday, Christmas is still one of my favorites.  I know there is the stress of what to buy and who to buy for that drives us nuts, but the for the most part it is to me a fabulous time.  People get a little sweeter, our hearts open up to strangers and many remember we are not alone on this planet. Granted I recommend you stay clear of shopping malls and do most of your purchases online in order to stay in a peaceful and loving state of mind.

Our little x-mas tree.
The year flies by in such a flash that December is the time when we make an extra effort to reach out to friends and family and try to catch up or touch base with everyone.  I usually send out way too many holiday cards and my refrigerator gets filled with updated baby pictures from friends and family.  Yes, however tacky it may be to many I enjoy putting up photos on my refrigerator.

This year we received our very first (and only so far -- can't remember when we checked our mail box last...) Holiday card a day before Thanksgiving.  My thought to that is "I once had the time and the drive to make sure my holiday cards were in the mail the day after Thanksgiving." 

This weekend our Christmas tree went up.  I had mentioned to my husband that I was hoping we could put up the tree the first weekend in December and not wait until the last minute like we did last year.  To my delight I came home Sunday afternoon stressed, tired and feeling a bit deflated after having had to go in to  work to meet  a Monday deadline and the sight of the the tree lit up in our living room immediately lifted my spirits. 

My honey had brought in our Christmas decorations from the garage and set up the tree and lights by the time I came home.  I can't say I couldn't believe it.  I married a great guy who thrills me more often from small actions than anyone ever had!  What surprised me is that I had forgotten all about the tree and probably would have put is off for the following weekend had he not taken the initiative to get Christmas going in our house.

One of my favorite ornaments!

We had a nice evening decorating the tree. I even got to listen to holiday music while we decorated. It may make me corny and insane to love listening to holiday music all thru the month of December, but my husband was sweet to tune in to a holiday music station and make the decorating experience more special to me.

Check out my Star Trek ornament.  It is one of my favorites, and my husband teases me about my denial of being a nerd!  It was a gift from my good friend Belinda.  I think of her every year when I hang it on the xmas tree.  I hope you are all celebrating this season in your own special way.