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Wedding Photos

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pop tarts..

Now in the name eating healthier I have vetoed (ok, negotiated against - I have no actual veto powers) most of the snacks that come in to the house. I've mentioned that I have little self-control so if junk food isn't in the premises, then I am not tempted.  Of course I am the "bad guy"when we are doing the shopping.  My husband, like a little kid, tries to slide in to the basket too many snacks when I am not looking, and I have to ditch them before we make it to the check-out.

Pop tarts are one of the snacks that my husband loves that don't make it in to the house too often, but because we have been on a good streak lately and he has been particularly good (didn't eat nearly half the holloween candy he did the year before or hasn't come home with multiple or extra large bags of chips) I thought I would suprise him. 

We are lucky to have little things to make us happy; and I like to make my honey happy.  


  1. Pop Tarts? I tried making my own. They were yummy, but didn't look all that good. So I'll be giving it another go.

    Nice to see you posting more.

    Happy Staycation :-)

  2. As much of a 'gourmet foodie' as I am, I love Pop Tarts. Fun fact: the 'healthy' ones made with wheat that don't have any frosting on top... have MORE calories than the ones slathered in white frosting and sprinkles. Seriously, look at the boxes next time you shop. Does that make any sense?

    1. I hadn't noticed that fact, but you've made my husband really happy.