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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Special skills..

How do people acquire special skills that are actually useful in life for example; how to pick a lock?

As I sat out side my house this morning waiting to be rescued a million thoughts crossed my mind.  Funny thing is that the subject has come up often over the last year, the last time after watching yet again the movie "The Italian Job". 

I was in a hurry this morning (like always) running "on time" for a change but wanting to make sure to stay on schedule when I walked in to the kitchen and did a quick scan.  I spotted my keys hanging from a hook and my travel coffee mug right across them on the counter.  I reached for both paying closer attention to my coffee, it being hot!  I never thought I would grab the wrong key ring hanging off the wall.  Of course one could have easily bet that if I was going to grab the wrong keys it would be the least useful keys. 

There are at least two key rings we own with keys to who knows where that I just can't part with.  In them are probably copies of my mother's home which she's re keyed at least twice in the past years, a copy to my best friend's home which I stopped using after she remarried 10 years ago (again she is divorced may be I'll acquire another key), a copy to the karate studio I used to work out in  which has been closed for 5 years (being close friends with the head instructor/owner and living down the block from it earned me the emergency key), a copy to my old CLUB (remember those steering wheel bars?), and at least another half dozen keys that belong to my husband but does not remember either what they are for.

I opened the front door automatically locking the bottom lock before I pulled the door shut behind me.  When I turned around to lock the top lock I realized I was holding a strange set of keys! "Ahh man!!!" . Yep, that was my fortune this morning.

Anyways, I waited for about an hour and made myself useful after eating my breakfast which I usually eat on my commute.  I brought in the trash can after the garbage truck made it's pickups on our block.  I pulled weeds from the flower beds (I really need to spend some time gardening) and exchanged texts with my honey which could not get away from work to rescue me (a 45 minute drive one way). 

Perhaps this incident will push me in to looking in to learning those "special skills" I've always wanted to learn how to hot wire a car & knife throwing.  What else would be handy??  I should definitely consult my brother.  Perhaps he can help with the picking a lock and hot wiring (he's a cop), or may be my stand up comic/locksmith/handyman/shady "acquaintance".  If HE didn't live in San Antonio (45 miles away) I would have definitely called him for help.

I think my first priority should be to make an extra copy of my house key and acquire one of those "realtor" lock/safe for the next emergency.


  1. You'd be amazed what you can learn on the Internet. Mainly, Youtube.

    I had a friend in high school whose father lost the keys to my friend's car. So my friend went to the Internet and learned how to hot wire the car. Anywhere we went, he'd just reach under the dashboard, cross two wires, and the car would fire up. Then when we got out, he just wouldn't lock the doors. We didn't blame him, though, because it was a deathtrap that probably was worth more in scrap metal than as a car. No one ever tried to break into it.

    1. You aren't the first to suggest I look to find out how on the internet; apparently YouTube has a few videos.