Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Time off - "staycation"

We have been working thru the year without much time off.  The honey took a few days to go camping with my father-in-law last month and (at the last minute) I was able to manage taking off most of this Thanksgiving holiday week. It has turned out that the few days we managed to take off have been sporadic and ended being "separate mini-vacations". What ever works I say; just recharge.

 Last night I stayed up finishing reading the last sci-fi novel my honey suggested for me and though I probably bothered him with my bedside lamp on thru the early hours of the morning I am grateful he let me indulge.  It is much nicer to read in bed next to my personal heater (the honey) keeping my usually cold feet warm.

It has been half a day so far of my "staycation", but I've already enjoyed myself more than I have these past couple of weekends.  Here is another pleasure I've indulged on; a guilty pleasure.

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