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Wedding Photos

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Not to preach but, GO VOTE

Today is election day and I am sure you are sick and tired of all the advertising from the different candidates (presidential and other), bashing each other, falsely accusing, pretending they've never done wrong themselves or like my grandma would say "no tienen cola que le pisen". (Translates: "Pretending -They have no tail to be stepped on")

I know it can be disappointing, but the very least one can do is vote for the lesser of two evils. One unattainable wish I have is that a special group of people would just fall off the end of the earth! That group being the ones who love to bitch and moan about all that is wrong but never get off their collective asses and exercise their right to vote! 

If you want to comment positively or negatively after tonight's election results please take the time to cast your vote!  Polls close at 7 p.m.

So after tonight we can all go back to feuding over who is the better football/basketball/pick a sport team and act civilized! 

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