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Wedding Photos

Sunday, December 2, 2012

"Driving Ms Daisy" to madness!!

Like most husbands, my honey usually takes charge behind the wheel driving us around. Yesterday we spent too much time trapped in a car together.  Early in the morning we left town towards San Antonio (we live 30 miles north of the city) so I could participate in the Dirty Girl run.  It was a 50 minute drive of which he decided to take "the scenic route" veering off thru his old neighborhood (pre-marriage) that caused me to stress. Not quite the best idea when I had a set time to meet my team. We bickered a bit; him reassuring/mocking me we had plenty of time but then we encountered 30 more minutes stuck in the event traffic  In his defense, neither one of us had attended before so we had no clue of the amount of people (participants and spectators) heading there.

Team of co-workers & spouses 12-01-2012
After the event we were stuck in line trying to get out of the parking lot for AN HOUR AND A HALF, during which there was plenty of huffing, puffing, and storming out of the car to walk to the front of the line and see what was going on. I could have easily stood in line for what had looked like a 40 minute wait to the showers instead of opting to just change clothing and head home. I'll let you guess which of us did the storming though it was not the one with mud in places that had never seen mud before. I had my own little breakdown, mainly to stop all the comotion inside the car and remind my honey there was someone with him who was even more uncomfortable sitting in traffic. There were a few other people who I thought were going to get in to fist fights with the poor guys directing traffic, but I can only feel bad for the folks working the event not the organizers.

Anyways, there was our trip back home (six hours after we left) only to "immediately" (as quickly as I could scrape off all the dried up mud) turn around again to drive in to San Antonio for a dinner party and guess what? Yep,  more traffic.  How we survived all the driving is beyond me, but the benefit run and later a great time with friends Saturday outweigh the hours trapped in a car. 

It always happens.  We go for a couple of weeks being hermits enjoying time at home, and then there are weekends when we are so busy we pretty much just come home to sleep.  Luckily we balance each other pretty well and manage to hang in there together to make the best of bad situations and still enjoy ourselves.

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  1. I still want to hurt whoever was in charge of parking for that event. Thousands of people show up, and they only have one lane in and one lane out. And thanks for not mentioning how I was so busy sightseeing once we got back on the road that I almost rear-ended the truck in front of us.