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Wedding Photos

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A night out for some Texas funk!

It had been some time since my honey and I went out for some evening entertainment. A couple (friends) from Austin invited us to meet them and listen to a favorite band that was playing in a town "next door" to us.  We jumped at the invite; at least I did!. 

We had missed out on the last few performances in the area and I was anxious to get "my fix" of Mingo Fishtrap.  These guys are great musicians, and they are never disappointing.  I have been following them for several years.  There aren't many bands now a days with a horn section that not only are great to see but "blow you away"! If you have a chance to check them out live I recommend them!

So the evening out went pretty well.  We grabbed a few burgers and beers before the show.  I am so grateful we still know folks who actually eat BEEF and haven't taken the vegetarian/vegan road.  Nothing against  that life style, it just makes me not enjoy having a not so healthy meal in front of them.

Anyways, there was grubbing, dancing and enough drinking to make the evening out enjoyable but by midnight we were back at home.  Our friends had to pick up their son at the sitter's and I am sorry to say that at 40-something five hours of fun were enough for me. I had no problem leaving and driving us (me & the honey) home; it was my turn to drive and we always drink responsibly. 8-)

I hope your Summer nights are being well spent!

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  1. Spending most of my summer in the kitchen, these days. But I have a little cafe table that I sit at outside, just to be in the summer air.

    Happy Summer.