Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

Monday, August 13, 2012

Not the usual wedding season..

I have heard many women say that the ideal month to have your wedding is June.  That thought confuses me because the last thing I want to do in June is get dressed up and attend a wedding.  I believe Summer is the worst time to have a wedding if you live in the normally warmer states. 

We married in October.  We chose the month based on the least amount of time needed to organize a relatively small wedding: we chose in March so 6 months to prepare was cutting it close without rushing.  The fact that any guest that might have to travel by car to attend our wedding wouldn't get stuck to their seats in the scorching months in Texas was a something we thought would be the very least we could do for our guests.

We attended a family wedding this weekend; the only wedding invitation we've had this Summer.  Thank goodness!  I was not looking forward to the dressing up part, but I was looking forward to seeing the extended family. 

This was my husband's second exposure to extended family.  I didn't quite want to scare him but I believe it was interesting and a bit flattering to him.  Interesting because of my very large family.  The bride is my "cousin" (child to my mom's first cousin).  I never know how that "once or twice removed" thing works!  I just know we are related!

Anyways, I think my husband was a bit flattered because after almost 3 years of marriage he is still a novelty/"new" to the family and some of my relatives (living in Mexico) had been looking forward to meeting him.

It was great to see everyone, but I know my husband is glad he isn't required to remember every ones name.  Heck, I have a hard enough time remembering the right names and I confess to having introduced most family members as an aunt, uncle or cousin but NOT mentioning their first names.  I had several "deer & headlight" moments.

Anyways the wedding was nice, but the venue though lovely was mostly "outdoors" and it was a hot Texas day!  My cousin apologized sheepishly for the August wedding stating it wasn't the best for a wedding, but sure was great for a honeymoon.  I agree, and despite the steamy weather I am happy we were there! 

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