Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

Friday, July 13, 2012

Blog's 1st anniversary

Today is this blog's first year anniversary.  I can't believe I've managed to write more than the handful of initial entries, though the last couple of months there have been more distractions and less stories to share. 

I am grateful for this mean of expression as well as the interest and comments from those who have read it.

I don't know how the next year will be, but evolution is a guarantee.


  1. Happy bloggeversary! I enjoy reading your thoughts on our relationship, even if I sometimes don't come across as awesome as I actually am. :-)

  2. Happy 1 year! It's amazing how addicting blogging can become, and how many blogging friends you can make. Like, people you actually enjoy reading about, not just because you want more views and comments, which are highly overrated. Cheers, and here's to another great year!

    1. Thanks guys for stopping by thru the year and commenting.