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Wedding Photos

Friday, December 23, 2011

Lack of information (part 1)

I am sure it happens to many married couples that when invited to an event/party, one or both usually forget to pass on all the details.  Well, my husband has done just that many a times!  We get invited weeks in advance and I am told the day before or when I am trying to lock in other plans. 

This month we were invited to a Christmas party in north Austin, wait.. It wasn't even Austin, ended up being 15 miles outside of Austin which is an even longer drive than the hour, hour & a half drive from where we live (New Braunfels to Austin).  Ok, so I ended up falling a sleep on the drive there. I am famous for falling asleep in the car and my husband loves to tease me about it.  In my defence I get bored in the car when I am not doing the driving; and listening to the same old stuff (Classic Rock) ALL THE TIME makes me tune out to la-la land or just doze off. 

Anyways, the invite came several weeks before the party and I found out about it about a week before.  Three days prior to the party I was notified by my husband that it was a "cookie party".  For those of you who aren't familiar with this theme party they are somewhat popular in the 30 and above age range.  So, now we had to bake cookies for the party. (Overworked, not yet started  our xmas shopping, now we must fit in baking.)  I've been to a number of them.  You show up and swap cookies with others hoping that you are the worst baker in the bunch and get to come home with yummy loot.

We finally reach Pflugerville (the "P" is silent) and we are blocks from the party when the honey asks how long I want to stay at the party which is being held late Sunday afternoon.  "I don't know, when ever you want to leave is fine with me" is my response.  What I get back made my eyes pop out of my sockets.  "How about we stay a couple of hours or until it's time to go caroling".  CAROLING??  Whatcha talking about Willis,  is my first thought (Yes, I am a child of the 80's and corny on top of it!) 

"What do you mean caroling?? Oh,,. there will be caroling, didn't I mention it?" This is when impulsive me wished she could wrap her hands around his neck-but he was driving, so it wouldn't be such a hot idea.  Instead with a half whine and half scolding voice I began to ask how he could fail to mention such details?  I was wearing heels and opted to leave behind a coat since I figured I would be ok going from car to house quickly. Why didn't he say something when ONE, I asked him if what I was wearing was ok for the gathering and TWO when I asked him how cold it was outside and if the sweater I was wearing would  be enough? This is EXACTLY why I get upset with him when I ask him a question about how I look and he automatically answers "you look fine" like a recording. 

Ok, shake it off.  No carolling!  Never been, don't know if I would get "into it" with strangers. (We  only knew the couple hosting the party). We would get to go home early but the short visit after such a long drive felt almost worthless.  Anyways, once we got there I realized there was WAY more information I lacked..  (to be continued)


  1. The f being silent, made me laugh. Loved that part. Will you tell us what kind of cookies you made?

  2. My dependable and famous Rum Raisin Oatmeal cookies.

  3. I hate waiting for anything over 2 or 3 days...