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Wedding Photos

Monday, December 5, 2011

Its the holiday season..

Though not my #1 holiday, Christmas is still one of my favorites.  I know there is the stress of what to buy and who to buy for that drives us nuts, but the for the most part it is to me a fabulous time.  People get a little sweeter, our hearts open up to strangers and many remember we are not alone on this planet. Granted I recommend you stay clear of shopping malls and do most of your purchases online in order to stay in a peaceful and loving state of mind.

Our little x-mas tree.
The year flies by in such a flash that December is the time when we make an extra effort to reach out to friends and family and try to catch up or touch base with everyone.  I usually send out way too many holiday cards and my refrigerator gets filled with updated baby pictures from friends and family.  Yes, however tacky it may be to many I enjoy putting up photos on my refrigerator.

This year we received our very first (and only so far -- can't remember when we checked our mail box last...) Holiday card a day before Thanksgiving.  My thought to that is "I once had the time and the drive to make sure my holiday cards were in the mail the day after Thanksgiving." 

This weekend our Christmas tree went up.  I had mentioned to my husband that I was hoping we could put up the tree the first weekend in December and not wait until the last minute like we did last year.  To my delight I came home Sunday afternoon stressed, tired and feeling a bit deflated after having had to go in to  work to meet  a Monday deadline and the sight of the the tree lit up in our living room immediately lifted my spirits. 

My honey had brought in our Christmas decorations from the garage and set up the tree and lights by the time I came home.  I can't say I couldn't believe it.  I married a great guy who thrills me more often from small actions than anyone ever had!  What surprised me is that I had forgotten all about the tree and probably would have put is off for the following weekend had he not taken the initiative to get Christmas going in our house.

One of my favorite ornaments!

We had a nice evening decorating the tree. I even got to listen to holiday music while we decorated. It may make me corny and insane to love listening to holiday music all thru the month of December, but my husband was sweet to tune in to a holiday music station and make the decorating experience more special to me.

Check out my Star Trek ornament.  It is one of my favorites, and my husband teases me about my denial of being a nerd!  It was a gift from my good friend Belinda.  I think of her every year when I hang it on the xmas tree.  I hope you are all celebrating this season in your own special way.


  1. Merry Christmas to you Whisk.. May you enjoy the holiday season!

  2. For me it started in August. Have a groovy time.