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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Weight and marriage...

It is assumed (still in the Hispanic culture) that a man will gain weight with marriage.  The assumption is that husbands will be getting better meals at home much different than the “take out” they would eat as bachelors.  My fist issue with this cultural thought is that men are believed to be incapable of doing their own cooking.  I know a large number of men that are far better cooks than their wives!  Another thing is that the men that I know who like good food have no problem paying for a good meal at a restaurant and would turn their nose at the usual definition of "take out".

My other issues are: What if the wife they marry doesn’t cook?   What if the wife they marry has a demanding job that doesn’t allow for elaborate meals? What if husbands are eating healthier meals after marriage?  I personally haven’t met a newly married man who has gained weight because he was getting better meals at home. Most of the married men I know have two income households so their wives aren't waiting at home with dinner on the table.

What about women?  I for one have gained a few pounds as opposed to my husband.  Besides the not buckling down and fitting time for regular exercise between my long hours at work, my long commute and my rush to come home to cook dinner so we can eat before 8 p.m. I am actually eating full meals and have gained weight.
When I was single cooking happened only when I had guests.  I would host family dinners (Easter, or some other holiday) and gatherings with friends. Those were the only times I would cook.  On the average day my meals at home consisted of salads, PB & J sandwiches, steamed white rice and canned tuna. My meals were simple, quick/painless and would keep me from actually turning on the stove.  The thought of not wanting to generate more heat in the already hot South Texas was understandable. It wasn't that I didn't like to cook, I enjoy it very much but I associate good food with having others around to share the meal.

Now dinner is part of the little time during the week I get to spend (awake) at home with my husband. HE has lost weight ! Not because of bad cooking but because I try my best to cook more healthy meals (than he was used to) and fight him on the junk food that enters our house. I have gained!  I am eating more than before!  It's kind of hard to just have salad when there is a yummy main dish waiting to be savored.

We cook most weeknights and even have left overs for lunch.  Before marriage, leftovers were what I took home after eating at a restaurant! I have to admit that I really like having a reason to cook.  I have always enjoyed it, but cooking for one felt the effort that goes in to it was wasted if it could not be shared. I am glad my husband doesn't expect dinner on the table when he arrives from work.  Whoever arrives first usually gets dinner started and for the most part, we enjoy being in the kitchen together.

Now for weight and MY MARRIAGE.  I could also blame it to being a little older and having a harder time keeping extra weight off.  I could, but who I am kidding?  I am a foodie, I like to eat and being married has given me a reason to try out new recipes.  Thank goodness my husband doesn't mind being my ginnie pig.  As long as he is fed HE is happy.

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  1. Good for you, for getting back to cooking. That's good stuff. Glad you guys are enjoying being married.

    Also good stuff.