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Wedding Photos

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Geek attracts geek

My husband and I share many interests, one of them being sci-fi. We met online and I am honest when I tell him I probably would have dismissed him had he listed as his interests gaming, Star Wars, and cult movies. Not that I could not relate to him, but the stereotype was just too embarrasisng to admit to.

In time we revealed ourselves; and we couldn't be happier. He introduced me to gaming, and though I kept declining his invitations to play with a group, he finally wore me down.  First he got me hooked  on a sort of strategy game called Heroscape, and later talked me in to joining in a game of D&D. It took a while, but two things finally pushed me to accept to try it.  One was that he gifted me a book called "Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress - A girl's guide to The Dungeons & Dragons game" by Shelly Mazzanoble.   A book I recomend to any guy who would like to have the females in their lives take an interest in playing the game. The book is half "how-to" and half addresses the myths and stereotypes of gamers. The other thing made me give D&D a try was that my husband promised I wouldn't be the only woman in  the bunch.  The DM's girlfriend (now wife) was playing in the group so I agreed to at least try it.  Well, it's been almost two years since then.  We play on a regular basis and I've even made good friends with the DM's wife who isn't what I had expected either.

One of our favorite things to do is having our private geek fests. Over long weekends we pick a series and watch it back to back.  We have watched The Lord of the Rings (about once a year since we met) and The Matrix trilogies. Every episode of Firefly (a few times), The first season of Heroes and the entire Battlestar Galactica (as soon as a season was available to rent or stream).

It's funny but I was in denial thinking that I wasn't as big of a geek, but I am.  Friends laugh at me because they've known all along and hearing of this part life with my husband they remind me how right we are for each other...


  1. Yeah, I was smart enough to hide my inner nerd from you until we'd been together for some time. I didn't want to scare you off. ;-)

  2. It;s a good thing both of you have come into terms. Some may argue about what they don't want about each others picks although they both have the same interest, gaming. buy aion accounts

  3. Firefly. Great show.
    Horrible name. I believe
    had they created a better
    name, the show would have
    lasted longer than one

    Why did you find the
    stereotype embarrassing?

  4. I guess it wasn't so much embarrassment than fear. Fear that someone with those interests would be much too much for me or that those interests would be all of their life. My husband is a well-rounded individual and I encourage his interest in gaming because I admire the creative side in him; the side that builds his own characters or armies. He is also athletic, so the "stereotype" of the geek being 100% involved in gaming and related things does not take up all of his free time. I thought if I found someone geeky like me we would end up living in a fantasy world and never leaving the house.

  5. Tim and I love being at home. And the bookshop cafe. So fun.

    Thanks for explaining. Hope your day is going super duper well.