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Wedding Photos

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Things to celebrate…

There are things I remember that are trivial and there are important things I can’t recall if my life depended on it.  Some of the things I tend to forget are a few “anniversary” dates.  I never was the type to celebrate what to me were insignificant dates, but to many (especially women) are so meaningful.  Don’t get me wrong, I remember the biggies but I have found ridiculous the people who would make a big deal over monthly anniversaries and expect a big celebration each month. I celebrated that way when I was a teen, but a month in teen years is equivalent to dog years.

Anyway, I admit that every now and then it dawns on me how time has passed.  On Monday, for example I mentioned to my husband that this weekend would be four years that we’ve known each other. I didn’t remember, I read it on a calendar that was close to being two months behind.   We met online, but our first real meeting was on this date. 
We celebrated our first year. I honestly can’t remember if he gave me flowers or not, but the thing I do remember of that first year was the gift he gave me that melted my heart. He printed every email we wrote to each other prior to our meeting (two, maybe three weeks—I can’t remember that either), and you know what??  Every single thing he said about himself was true.  I asked him then if the same was for what I had shared about myself and he said it was.
I don’t recall what we did to celebrate the other years.  Other dates became more important and took the honor of being remembered & celebrated.  The date we met to the day we moved in together, and later to the date we married…  It isn’t lack of romance, but when you celebrate every day in some small way how lucky you feel to have found that person who understands you, your “language” and the way things process in your brain life becomes one big celebration. It could be because I found my match so late in life that I appreciate him so much, or it could be because he is so perfect: Not a perfect man, just perfect FOR ME that I don’t wait around for dates to come around! It makes the not remembering thing easier to live with.
Today I will celebrate somehow having met my husband.  Probably by smiling back at those first awkward moments and thanking him again for not being scared of the jibber jabber woman who was so nervous she could not stop talking!!


  1. Happy anniversary, my love!

    I enjoyed our first date. Letting you do all the talking meant I didn't have to struggle for something to say so I would sound witty. :-)