Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blogger M.I.A.

I feel like I have been neglecting yet another thing in my life.  It's been a busy, battling with my allergies, working late, and thankfully squeezing in a bit of fun with friends couple of weeks.  The only thing I haven't done is make time to write!
So a quick recap: I finally spent time working on the yard/flower beds last weekend.  We were out making what seemed all the possible noise we could before 8 a.m weeding and mowing the lawn. NO we were not out to have our neighbors hate us. That was just a bonus; a bit of payback for noisy kids playing out side our bedroom window the weekend prior.   It was just the only time we could fit in the work (that weekend) to keep the home owners association from contacting us with "helpful hints" of how to keep our garden looking spiffy!  Nosy bastards!

Of course working in the yard and spending time outdoors triggered my allergies so I was miserable for at least 3 full days before the meds kicked in.  It made working long hours at the office even more miserable and thank goodness for my husband who took care of things at home while I was temporarily disabled.

On a more fun note, we partook on one of the many "Fiesta Events" going on in San Antonio (Texas) in the Spring. We attended St.Mary's University's "Oyster Bake".  My husband graduated from their law school and I have been enjoying that particular event for years. They always book great local bands and the food is without saying wonderful!  I don't know why but food on a stick is always good (sausage, chicken, corndog etc -- ON A STICK) and I eathing such always makes me think of Jeff Dunham with his Jalapeño puppet "on a stick".

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