Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Que pasa calabaza?/ Early dinner

Today I had an off site meeting that put me about 15 miles or 30 minutes closer to home (rush hour is my daily nightmare), which meant I got home early.  Yeah!!!  Since I missed most to the madness on the highway I was in a great mood when I arrived in town (I live 30 miles outside of San Antonio) and even decided to swing by the grocery store. 

I only stopped to pick up a few ingredients for a pot luck lunch I have going on tomorrow but I was pretty pleased when I found "calabazas" (Mexican squash) on sale.  I immediately picked up a couple of pounds for dinner.  It is very rare for me to arrive home from work before my husband and today despite my quick pit stop I beat him, but only by a few minutes!

I am cooking "calabazitas" with rice and can't believe we'll actually eat before 7 tonight. 

Hope your Thursday is wrapping up nicely and are looking forward to the upcoming weekend!

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