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Wedding Photos

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Holiday shuffle

Like most couples my husband and I take turns spending holidays with our respective families.  With my side of the family in San Antonio and Laredo Tx and his side of the family in Midland and Bryan Tx we travel in every direction of the state to celebrate holidays. 

This year my in-laws drove from their home in Midland east to Bryan Tx to spend Mother's Day at my brother-in-law's home.  We took a one day trip yesterday to celebrate early with them so we could be back to celebrate with my mother today.  It was perfect!  We usually take turns spending the full holiday weekend but with my in-laws saving us the 5 hour drive to Midland we could squeeze two celebrations in one weekend. 

I am sure my sister and brother in-law are grateful they don't have to haul 2 kids across Texas in a car to visit family on the holiday. My husband's parents visit his brother more often because of the grand kids, and until we produce some grand babies we will continue to play second fiddle. 8-)

Hope you are all able to celebrate with family this holiday.  Happy Mother's Day!

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