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Wedding Photos

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Smart ass conversations

Ever since we decided to get married my husband and I have been on "savings"mode.  After our wedding and because of the extra expense of commuting back and forward (for work) between cities we have kept some of the same "savings" habits.

Our biggest way to curb our spending has been packing lunches.  As most of you know a half-decent lunch these days will run about $12.00, so the money we both save during a week is substantial when added up. 

Thursday I was running around as usual, half asleep (even after my morning shower) trying to get myself out the door particularly early when my honey asked if I would like him to pack some leftover spaghetti for my lunch.  I was planning on taking the new accountant in my department out to lunch so I told him so.  About a minute later he stepped through the door way as I was finishing putting on make up in the bathroom and said: "you went out to lunch on Monday". 

It took me by surprise his statement and mostly his tone of reproach.  I guess the look on my face told him something because he went on and said: "you had Chinese and didn't tell me".  I could clearly tell he was being playful (way too early for me) but I wondered how he knew so I asked him.  He said: "I found a credit card receipt on the kitchen counter".

I quickly thought back and realized I must have left out the receipt when I pulled things out looking thru my purse. Again his tone or reproach, "you had Chinese for lunch and didn't tell ME!" (Batting his eyelashes)  Being the smart ass that I am and to push a button I responded: "Baby, I don't tell you every time I go out to lunch or spend money. Just be thankful it wasn't a hotel receipt" and I smirked, turned and walked in to the closet.

Being a smart ass himself my husband poked his head around the corner and said to me: "you forget those get paid with CA$H".

These are our morning conversations. Playful/smart ass remarks to each other before we dart out the door.

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