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Wedding Photos

Monday, February 23, 2015

Smartass Conversations 2/22/15

Sunday morning my Honey and I were driving around town running some errands when I thought I'd discuss an idea that's been bouncing around in my head.

ME: Babe... how would you feel if I got another tattoo? (I have one that I got on my 30th birthday)
THE HONEY: Where? (He has none)
ME: I don't know, probably add to the one I have. (ME THINKING: So it's no longer referred to as a tramp stamp)
THE HONEY: Are you going to tattoo my name?
ME: My second husband would probably not like it. (Grin)
THE HONEY: I expect you to be a grieving widow and never marry again; maybe join a convent.
ME: The only way I'd join a convent is if it was the name of a rock band.
THE HONEY: You'll wear black for the rest of your life?
ME: Black INK!
THE HONEY: I thought you were gonna throw yourself on my funeral pyre!
ME: (Eyes rolling) NOPE! I've told you THAT AIN'T HAPPENING!


  1. And like you told me before: you won't even avenge my death because knowing me, it will be self-inflicted.

  2. Glad to you posted again. Hope to see more.

  3. Hey, Chickie ... Where the heck did you go????

  4. Stopped in again, today. Hope you and your honey bunny are doing well. Happy Halloween weekend.

  5. Hey Girl. Please let me know when you come back to blogging and I'll rejoin. I'm in the middle of cleaning up my feed.

    Hope you and your honey bunny are doing well.