Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year 2015 - (Quick recap of 2014)

I am the forever optimist, and gratitude is a trait instilled in me from childhood that wasn't easy to grasp in my younger years, but life had  a way to show me with examples.  I am grateful for the past year!  It was full of good moments and the bad ones not big enough to recall easily.  I am truly grateful for the past months and looking forward to this new year.

Things happen for a reason, and moving back to San Antonio has had us close to loved ones during important moments.  We were able to attend my nephew's football games when living a few towns over made it difficult to share in watching him grow up.  By the way, the kid recently turned 13 and is 6 foot-plus!
Nephew is tallest kid in his team.
My concern about moving in with my mother was understandable, but thankfully things have worked out better than I could have ever imagined.  The arrangement is still "temporary", but I am happy that it has been beneficial to all in more ways than one.  I am glad we were around to support mom during a brief health scare, but thankfully all is well.

Concert t-shirt worn at 2014's Rock n Roll marathon
In 2014 we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.  Fate managed to arrange that one of our favorite local singers, Robert Earl Keen--who we saw perform on our third date, play on our wedding anniversary. My honey planned a wonderful weekend around it.

The honey ran his 4th full marathon, shaving about 12 minutes from his time the prior year, and he got a kick out of attracting the attention of Mrs. Keen (who also ran the San Antonio Rock n Roll marathon) with the REK t-shirt he wore to the race.

Every now and then my honey manages to scare me with some minor injury that triggers a flood of emotions.

When you've experienced loss at an early age you tend to overreact a bit, but I try to make light of it on the outside and not let it out of control, This year we did a little four-wheeling over Thanksgiving and my love had a mishap that almost catapulted him over the handle bars.  Not a big deal, expect I watched it up close and in slow motion. It was nothing a few cold beers and ice couldn't cure, though the after math did leave huge bruising on his thigh and torso.  I am grateful we ended the year in one piece!
Ambidextrous.  Balancing ice on one hand while drinking beer with the other.
So the past year was a good one and I am hopeful 2015 will be even better.  May your new year be full of wonderful surprises and hopefully no injuries.


  1. Howdy Hello to YOU.

    Great to read your post, was wondering how you were. So how's it feel being back to Blogger? Hopefully, a lot easier than watching your honey bunny fly through the air.

    Cheers, boogie boogie and Happy 2015.

  2. I tried to hit comment but I hit interesting by mistake. Anyway, came by to say Happy Valentine's Day to you two honey bunnies.