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Wedding Photos

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Feliz dia de las Madres (2017)

(Happy Mother’s Day)

In honor of my Mexican heritage which celebrates Mother’s Day on the 10th of May I would like to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day.

I have been blessed to have been raised by an incredible woman who had to be both mother and father to me and my siblings.  My dad’s passing forced her to take on life with 3 children.  I think she did an amazing job as a parent.  

My heart is full of gratitude for having the privilege of having a friend in my mom. Though growing up with an old fashioned and strict parent was difficult, as an adult I have realized more than once that I am fortunate beyond words.

Early in the year my maternal grandmother passed and this day is especially difficult.  Another great woman whose hardships never stopped her from guiding and loving her children, her grandchildren and other family.

To my friends and family, especially “My two Fridas” Happy Mother’s Day”.

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