Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Time off to consider

I knew this blog would have to evolve.  I actually ran out of things to say and life has been happily passing by.  I didn't want my post to become meaningless blabber..  For a moment I even considered posting a recipe just to post something.  After almost 5 years of marriage (thought this blog is much younger) the "novelty" of being married vanished.  What our lives have become are a real marriage!  A marriage with ups and downs, casual memories and difficult decisions.  It has been eyeopening!  How far we've come along.  How blessed we are to have grown in to a partnership, a team..

I intend for my writing to be about a couple in their forties.  The challenges, the future and most of all the simple joy of loving your mate.


  1. As someone who has blogged each day of this year, I enjoy doing food posts, comics, silly stuff or slice of life bits. I also enjoy reading those kinds of posts.

    So whatever you end up putting on the page, to me at least, is better than nothing.

    Happy writing and boogie boogie.

    1. In other words, it doesn't always have to be so super duper serious, in order to count as a valid post. Blogs can be anything we want. That is the fun of it.