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Wedding Photos

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Thankful for the holiday season

Happy holidays!  Hope this season has been good to you! I am feeling all warm and fuzzy inside after these past weeks.

First we were blessed to have been able to host our very first "Friendsgiving" in November.  A group of friends (total of 11 adults ) sat at our table being thankful for so many things, but especially having each other in our lives.  It was a pot luck dinner which made it easier than our usual Thanksgiving celebrations. 

I had no idea there was such a thing as "Friendsgiving", but I found an e-vite format that tells me this concept has been around for a bit! 

Of all the things I am thankful for, I am most thankful for the friends who share my joys and allow me to lean on them thru my struggles!

Don't ask me how but somehow we managed to put up our Christmas tree on December first!  We also sent out all of our Christmas cards the first half of the month, and being that last year we didn't send out any and the year before we sent them out right before the new year I am feeling very accomplished! The honey also managed to put up lights on the house without any injuries! 

Anyways, this year a good friend invited us to spread some holiday cheer in downtown San Antonio (TX) and I have to say it was the best time I've had at Christmas time since I was in high school when the choir would go caroling on the Riverwalk. (a mighty long time ago!)

We dressed very festive (a few of us in costume)  to hand out candy and toys to all we ran in to.  The smiles on children not expecting to get "Elved" (Santa's elves were running amok) was priceless.  Our friend was very much prepared with the loot to give away because he even had a few very warm pieces (scarfs, gloves, and hats) for the less fortunate living on the street.

This holiday season I attempted my usual baking, but this year the results were right down pathetic. I baked on three different days and each time I managed to burn cookies.  It is the horrible to be stuck with 7 dozen cookies that aren't good enough to wrap up and give away and not burnt enough to toss out!   There was only one batch of cookies that were half decent.  My first try at baking gingerbread men or rather "ninja-bread" men: solely attempted for  my 8 year old neighbor who is a cool little kid in martial arts (Brazilian Jujitsu) and I very much encourage girls to kick butt.

So the year will soon wrap up; I sit on my couch admiring our Christmas tree loving the new ornament additions. I am glad I found an ornament that "my nerd" would think was cool.

I am also glad my honey insisted on buying me a tree ornament in the middle of July while on vacation this year.

I am hopeful the new year will bring wonderful things to us, and I wish the same to you all.  May you make wonderful memories in 2014


  1. Popped in to see what you're doing these days.

    1. Hey Whisk, glad you dropped a line. All is well; just wrapped up in life. Blogs have been on my mind but still mulling over morphing. Hope you, your honey and the pups are doing well.

    2. Wrapped up in life, is that good or bad?