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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Moving back “home”

After 5 years of living in a town 35 miles north of San Antonio we are finally moving back home (to San Antonio).  It is not exactly what I had hoped for, but I trust that everything happens for a reason and “in God’s time”.

We have been living and both working in different cities hoping to lay roots once we managed to move back or a job opportunity took us further away.  I don’t really know why it always felt like a temporary living situation, but the years sure flew by fast. 

It happened that the house we have been leasing was put on the market and since we weren't interested in buying this particular home we had to start looking for a place to move.  At the same time my mother who had been living alone for just a short time (since my sister got engaged and decided to re-marry) was having a difficult time getting accustomed again to an empty house.  On top of that, right before retirement, my mother’s workplace went thru some changes and that turned out to be a change in her income.  So, “in God’s time” the chance to move back to San Antonio came our way.  We will be moving in with my mother.  (Pause for all those screaming at the thought of moving back in with their parents.)

So it isn't the ideal move, but it will be a chance to help my mom and help ourselves.  We will be able to save a bit while my honey tries to switch jobs and hopefully find another job in San Antonio or a better opportunity takes us elsewhere.  Mom won’t be so lonely, will get some financial relief and will have a chance to see if she could live with us “in her old age”.

It may be strange to some, but in my family the thought of our mother (our only parent – Dad passed when I was 9) living alone at an age when things may start becoming difficult for her is horrific. My brother and I both have told her time and time again that we want her to move in with either one of us when she is ready. It is something I informed/discussed with my honey long before we considered marriage. The timing couldn't have been planned better.  Concern over my mom had made my brother begun considering the option to get a bigger house or renting his current home and move his family into mom’s place since there is more room.  The hesitation was my nephew would be in a different school district.

Anyway, things are working out without any obstacles.  I am very fortunate my honey actually likes my mother, and she thinks he is a great guy and wonderful son-in-law. We’ll see how things go; in the meantime there is purging and packing ahead of us.


  1. Firsty, I'm glad to see you posting again so soon. Well done, you.

    And B, here's to a new adventure for all of you.

  2. Thanks Whisk. I appreciate your constant support to this blog.