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Wedding Photos

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Finders keepers

I have mentioned that I am the main one to do the wash in our home, but it isn't my chore alone!  One of our first agreements when the honey and I moved in together about the laundry was that he was NEVER to do my laundry unless he was willing to dish out money to replace anything he ruined.  My honey is not the type to stop and thoroughly read labels on how something should be washed.  I however have always taken special care of my clothes and for that very same reason I have items that are years old and are still in great shape..

Money laundering
The second agreement we made about laundry came after my honey requested that I always check pockets before throwing things in the washer.  Ahemmm..  I don't know if it's a  woman thing or not, but I usually do that before my clothes make it in to the dirty laundry hamper.  Instead, in order to ensure not to be responsible for what got missed and accidentally wash something important I suggested we agreed that who ever did the laundry would get to keep any cash that was found in the wash. That kind of encouraged my honey to check his own pockets!

The only times I do check his pockets is on items taken to the cleaners.  It doesn't happen often that our washer yields cash in the laundry, but here is today's jackpot!

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  1. I wish I found money in my pockets. I just find a bunch of receipts for things I wish I hadn't bought. :(