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Wedding Photos

Friday, October 26, 2012


I rarely need to travel for work, but this month I will be assisting with the physical inventory during our yearly audit.  I am not looking forward to it.  The driving down to the border, extra long work week, eating out for every meal.  Ok, may be if I stay away from fast food that last one won't be too bad and my stomach won't rebel against me.

The thing that I dislike the most is leaving my honey home alone and unsupervised for so many days.  Not that I fear the house will catch on fire (knock on wood), or that I will actually come home to find the Lama my husband keeps asking for as a pet..  (yeah, he makes some interesting requests) What I fear is that there will be no one around to talk sense in to my honey and that he just might consume the colossal burger (about the size of your head) that he keeps eyeballing at TJ's Burger  

No, I do not pretend to be the voice of reason.  My honey and I usually take turns talking each other in and out of things.  Like, "we really need to do some house work around here" (usually my voice), "the flower beds need to be weeded desperately" (his voice), "No we don't NEED french onion dip, especially the EXTRA large size" (my voice), "I think we should stick to splitting between us the Little Debbie's snack, have you seen how many calories a full serving has??, Wait, when did I become the adult??" (his voice believe it or not!)

Besides the usual angst of sleeping away from my honey, is knowing that things will most likely be ignored or only partially done around the house.  During the work week there is little house work done, and major tasks such as moping floors and scrubbing bathrooms are performed during the weekend.  I still haven't figured out how to motivate us in to doing such hateful tasks during the work week. I can barely get motivated to cook more than quick and easy meals let alone do house work!

All linens get washed on weekends, whether they need them or not!!!  I hate our routine conversations about how long sheets would stay on his bed before we met.  I think he gets pleasure when I cringe, and I pray he only jokes!

The kitchen will probably explode because even if my honey does manage to "do dishes" in the dishwasher (which I am not a fan of) everything else that ends up on the counter will remain until my return.  I still haven't figured out how to explain that "washing dishes" translates to that plus recycling items, (no babe, a box of soda cans does not walk itself to the recycling bin and empty containers of juice don't rinse themselves out), disinfecting counters & sinks, sweeping floors, storing things back where they belong (chip clips, scissors, clean dishes).

No, I do not live with a slob.  I live with a man who will do most things I ask him with little fuss but who gets distracted so much with hobbies/past times that unless someone sends a flare to bring him back to reality he will rarely do "chores" without being prompted.  I think he has gotten comfortable in our marriage because I remember him taking care of himself/his apartment before we moved in together.

Anyways.. please send some good ju-ju my way so I find my home and husband unscathed when I return.

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