Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rings of power..

One of the most meaningfull gifts we received when we wed was my parents' wedding rings.  My mother approached my honey before our wedding and told him she wanted to pass on a family heirloom to us.  She offered us the matching wedding bands my parents wore for 10 years of marriage.

My husband was touched and replied it would be an honor to wear them.  Needless to say my mother was pleased.  As for me, I was in tears!  You see..  my father passed on shortly after they celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.

When my brother was about to marry, my mother confided that she wanted to pass on a set of rings to my brother. He was the first to marry out of her three children and it was then that my mother expressed her wish to have one of her children wear the rings.  I don't know the reasons why exactly my brother didn't get them.  I believe it has to do with him wearing a much larger size and having the design get lost if enlarged.  I think also my sister in law wanted to wear the traditional engagement ring and matching band that is more common.

When my little sister got married (also before me) my mom passed on the set of rings to her. The rings fit my sister and brother-in-law perfectly!   My sister had found love first and the set of rings was going to her. 

When my mother offered us her first set, I was taken aback.  I had no idea that the set of rings my mom had passed on to my sister was a second set.  To celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, my father had a fancy set of bands made in Oaxaca, Mexico.  The bands are a beautiful orange tint gold and clearly reflect the more prosperous years of their marriage. Their more modest set was put away!

As a child I have no recollection of my parents' wedding bands; however I do remember that my mother wore her ring (from the second set) for years after my father's death.

My mother hopes that their first set of rings brings me and my honey as much happiness as it did them (my parents) and wearing my band fills me with deep emotion!  Our wedding bands are quite worn and the design is a bit faded.  Inside the bands are engraved my parent's initials.  I have wanted to engrave our (my husband's and mine) nicknames for each other but it always happens that priority is always for the things we need to do over the things we want to do! I hope to get around to it soon.

Ok, so that is the heart felt story on my parents wedding bands.  The more "our story" on OUR wedding bands is..

The common wedding rings couples wear are the single band for the men and the engagement ring with matching band for the ladies.  Our wedding bands (we inherited) are exactly a like, and marring a goofy person such as myself would not surprise you to know we have fun with them. 

Who all remembers watching the Super Friends (and the Justice League) cartoons with the Wonder Twins??  Yep!  That is our thing!  Every so often my husband will voice "Wonder Twin Power, Activate!" and reaches for me to meet rings, and I DO IT!  It tickles me that at his forty something he is still playful and can make me smile like he does.  Our marriage feels like one big adventure and this silly action reminds me we are in it together! 

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