Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

Thursday, February 16, 2012

In search for gifts..

You know how some people stress out over buying the right gift?  I definitely know.  Sometimes trying to find that perfect gift turns in to torture!  This year I gave myself plenty of time to shop and had the best time searching for Valentine's gifts for my honey, but it was torture not being able to run home and give him the gifts before the holiday.  I was so glad that I did my shopping early because having to deal with a sick spouse days prior to Valentine's Day didn't leave me much time or desire to step out of the house!

Anyways, I thought I'd share pictures of some of the gifts I got my nerd -- uhmm, I meant MY LOVE!  Nerd attracts nerd; so I know exactly where to shop!
Octopus mug, tentacles and a Cylon.

I will let you in on my pet name for my husband.  I call him "Pulpo" (octopus), for obvious reasons but in case you need it spelled out: he is very grabby!

Taking a picture of the box it came in was easier..

I found him this gag mug with an octopus inside.  I didn't really surprise him with the mug, but with me getting HIM coffee in the morning.  He is usually the one who brings me coffee in an effort to get my shuffling feet and sleepy/blind navigating self going in the morning! 

I thought the finger tentacles would make his sneak attacks more fun and who doesn't like "finger puppets"?

"Mi Pulpo" - My octopus!

The Cylon was was a big hit!  It's a Christmas ornament I scored in a clearance sale. It is battery operated and "it speaks". He's been playing with it hoping he doesn't or probably hoping he does get on my last nerve with it.  But like anyone who buys a kid a noisy toy, I was well aware of  the risk of being driven insane! 

The rest of his Valentine's day gift was less childish; Valentine cards and a gift certificate towards a new pair of cowboy boots. 

Oh and as for my birthday/Valentine gifts, I got a CD I've been wanting and a gorgeous ring I've had my heart set on from James Avery. I may be a nerd, but I am a girl first and my husband doesn't forget that!  Jewelry always makes this woman happy!  


  1. Glad you had such a great holiday. And funny picture there. Go you guys.

  2. The wife and I started some kind of running gag about octopuses, and let me tell you, those pulpo tentacles are next on my list of things to buy her. She would love those. Her V-day gift came from Thinkgeek too, btw. I love that place.

    1. Glad the "pulpo" tentacles were a hit with you and hope they are also with the wife! Thinkgeek is the first site I go to when shopping for my husband!