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Wedding Photos

Sunday, February 12, 2012


The honey and I are more than fortunate in that we generally enjoy good health. In the few years we've been together I can remember only one time other than this last week when my husband has been "sick". We aren't whiny people.  When we get a bit under the weather, we take care of ourselves by some simple over the counter treatments (for me a holistic remedy) and rest.  That's it, that's all!! 

There is our usual retreat, and I say OUR because we act in a similar way.  We want to be left alone, we try to contain germs or  viruses if any in one room and hopefully be able to quickly  "shake" whatever it is.  For the most part we are successful, except this last time the honey gave me a bit of a scare. His rare "under the weather" moment turned in to a four day stint. 

Whatever it was "it" knocked my honey completely off his feet!  A little scary for me because there were no real symptoms other than feeling weak for a couple of days followed by a couple more with high fevers and later some coughing. I kept trying to take him to the doctor, but being as stubborn as I am he refused and insisted it wasn't serious and would soon shake it.

I got a little scared with the continuous fevers, doubting how to help like many of us I accessed my primary source of information for these cases.  No, it was not the Internet; it was a call to good old "been thru it" MOM!  On my way to the grocery store to pick up a few things to help my honey I called "Mamacita" to share what was going on and pick her brain.  Mainly to make sure my "game plan" was reasonable and get some reassurance of when I should stop indulging my husband and force him to see a doctor. 
It almost took a jackhammer to open this package.

I got some good advice from Mom but also a lecture the length of half my ride to the grocery store over not owning a thermometer.  "How could I not own one?  Such an important tool in every household!"  Perhaps it is because we do not have children and like I said, we enjoy relatively good health that it really never crossed my mind to have one on hand.  "How could I have not asked her for one?"  Having worked for a medical supply company Mom supplied family and friends with different items at "cost" for years! For the record I did intend to buy a thermometer before I even phoned mom, in fact mentioning the need of the purchase prompted the lecture.

Anyways, the honey did manage to finally shake that bug on "his own".  It took much longer than 
usual, and his refusal for actual medical attention only subjected him to my home remedies.  Not only did he endure a couple of my "witches brews" as he likes to call them; but also one ice bath (to quickly lower his temperature), actually it was just a lukewarm bath that had my honey screaming and discussing the migration of "his boys".  I think next time he might consider less torture for one quick doctor visit.

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  1. Glad to hear the husband is recuperating. And I hope he didn't have to eat too many "eyes of newt."