Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Procrastination and entertaining.

It is a terrible flaw to procrastinate, but it is a nightmare when two with this flaw marry and decide to entertain!!  Whaaaaahh! 

Last weekend my honey celebrated his 44th birthday and we hosted a little birthday bash for him.  We had planned the event for a few weeks, but unfortunately (more often than not) we waited until the last minute to get ourselves in gear! Usually one will have enough sense to push the other to get things done, but it wasn't the case this time.

What should have been addressed a little at a time thru out the week prior we ended up doing the evening before or the morning of the event.  We are very blessed with laid back friends and family who can overlook a few delays, but to my sister in law and my best friend I am very thankful!  They were in the kitchen with me finishing up prepping the food that was heading to the grill and without their help I don't even want to imagine...

My honey enjoyed grilling: I have never met a man who doesn't love to hover over fire and the party was a success!  We had more people come by at once than ever before, so we certainly felt the love!

My mother called the next day to say she had a great time and inquired if we will be having another party next month for my birthday.  At that moment I said NO; I was tired and fighting some bad allergies (may be was a little hungover) but I am pretty sure we will be spacing our gatherings by a couple of months. 

Last year we only hosted one party when we usually have one every season. I don't know where time went or why we laid low all year but I am looking forward to seeing friends more often this year!


  1. Happy belated birthday to the hubby and an early one to you! Sounds like a good time. I too am a terrible procrastinator. Currently, I'm reading blogs so that I don't have to actually attempt to finish another novel.

  2. Thanks for the good wishes, and hurry up with the novel. We want MORE!