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Wedding Photos

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Long gone are the days when I would wake up at noon on a weekend; frequently out late the night before and returning home in the early hours.  These days we are usually in bed long before midnight and "sleeping in on a weekend" is now waking up before 8 a.m.  instead of 6 a.m. weekdays. Most weekends I manage to linger in bed a little longer than my husband, who by the time I am up and going he has already made coffee and has had some type of breakfast. 

It does not matter what time it is when I wake up, for me breakfast is the first meal of the day. My husband on the other hand has an amazing internal clock because his stomach knows exactly when it's lunch time.  If I wake up "late" and get entertained with house chores before I stop to have breakfast my husband will usually point out that it's closer to "lunch time".  I will offer to cook whatever he wants for breakfast, and always he suggest I cook something for lunch instead. 

My response is usually a sideway look at him and my final offer.  "Should I cook breakfast for one or two? I am having breakfast!" His responce is always "ok, I'll have some...."

I love to cook a big breakfast on the weekends; a noticeable difference from our breakfast "to go" on weekdays.  It always happens, once we are thru with our meal I somehow manage to get my honey to fess up exactly what he managed to eat without supervision.  Yep, because more times than not he will eat more than what he eats on weekdays which is fruit and a cereal bar.

I give him the benefit of the doubt; cook a full serving for him thinking that his earlier meal will stop him from eating it all but it's rare.  I marvel that he can put away more food--but then again he suprises me when he starts talking about lunch not even an hour later!! I ask him, what are you A HOBBIT?  Breakfast, second breakfast, lunch...


  1. Do you ever make a big breakfast in the evening?

    I love that.

    Hope all else is well with you guys.

    1. Yes and no. We have "Brinner" (Breakfast for Dinner) only when we haven't made it to the grocery store and breakfast items are the only thing to eat in the house. It isn't something we think of doing because we like it, it's something we do out of pure laziness. Too lazy to go to the grocery store, pickup fast food or in the mood for having a pizza delivered.

      We are doing well down here. Hope you all are too! So far 2012 has been great!

  2. Brinner. I never heard of that. It does sound good though. Lazy or not, nothing like a good breakfast.

    Glad your 1012 is going great.