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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Specific instructions..

I have leaned at a later age what married women have had to learn long before me.  When it comes to asking my husband to do a chore I must be specific and detailed!!  Here is an example:  On the days we change bed sheets I leaned not to simply ask my husband to strip the bed.  To the female mind "strip the bed" means change the sheets as well!  So now I not only ask but define exactly what I mean.  My husband is now faced with no doubts of what it is being asked of him.  Strip the bed has now become; "Honey, please strip the bed, throw the dirty sheets in the washer and put on new sheets".  There is no confusion, but lots of moaning and groaning. 

Another task that had to be modified in the way it is asked is "take out what's in the dryer".  After countless times of multiple loads of clothes crammed in ONE BASKET that would sit in a corner for a couple of days wrinkled beyond hope;  I had to change my ways!  I now ask: "Honey please take out what's in the dryer, hang or fold AND also put away".  The usual moans and groans follow, but this particular task is countered by saying.. "I do exactly ALL those steps when I take care of that chore!"  I also remind him about one of my girlfriends refusing to do her husband's laundry (from then on) in retaliation of his lack of participation in that household chore.

The last ever so popular task that had to be modified was "take out the trash".  When asked my husband was glad to take out the trash in the kitchen, but never ONCE thought of the other trash in the house.  The bedrooms and bathrooms were completely ignored!  Now, I am not a total slave driver.  This particular task I am more than accommodating to him.  Most times before I even ask for the trash to be taken out I go around the house pulling trash bags and replacing them on all the trash containers.  I collect them in or by the kitchen trash before I open my mouth. I know my husband hates going around each individual trashcan, so I am willing to meet him half way to get the chore done.

I have mentioned before, we do not have assigned chores at home so I never ask of my husband what I don't already do myself.  When it comes to house chores women are like chess players; looking for a 3rd and 4th move ahead.   Men, well.. at least my husband.  He only focuses on one move/task at a time.

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