Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

Monday, July 18, 2011

Family expectations (Part 2)…

I met my in laws for the first time four months after I began dating my honey.  They drove in for a visit and I was nervous to meet them. I had not met many of the parents in past relationships (always very short lived), but the ones I had met I had charmed with little effort and without being a tiny bit fake about myself.  I think because I knew this relationship with their son was so different and so special that I hoped so much they would approve.

My in laws have been the nicest folks from the very beginning.  I for some reason wondered if they saw me as “the flavor of the month” and didn’t mind me much when we met.  I had never worried about race, but my in laws are of a generation where mixed marriages weren’t so common and it made me insecure..

Meeting them and my sudden worries made me realize the value of my honey.  I saw what a difficult time my mother had with her mother in law that I became fearful of not being accepted.  Wait, I was thinking of a future with all of them in it.  That was the moment I saw my honey as the man I could possibly spend the rest of my days with. 

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