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Wedding Photos

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Not exactly the Oscars, but thanks anyway!

I've caught the last two award shows on T.V. (AMAs and Oscars) this year, and anyone whose seen them or any other award ceremony has heard a recipient thank specific people for their help and support.  It is specially touching when a spouse is acknowledged.. 

Well to my surprise I got my own acknowledgement.  You see, my honey was asked to collaborate on the writing of a wargame last year and it was finally published last month.  I have been so very proud of my honey.  He has been talking about wanting to one day write a book and things worked out that he was able to write about a subject he enjoys.

This weekend he was finally able to show me on the hard copy of the book that he mentioned me in the acknowledments, and I was truly moved.  I did nothing but encourage him to enjoy his free time doing what he likes.  So the writing may only be a wargame and not Nobel prize-worthy, but his thanks made a knot in my throat. 

I hope (my love) this is a stepping stone to a bigger dream!

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  1. Congrats to your honey and congrats to yourself for the acknowledgment. It's true, though, my wife's encouragement works wonders for my writing. The least I can do is thank her at the end of the book.