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Wedding Photos

Sunday, November 13, 2011

So very proud..

My husband completed his first full marathon today. I am so very proud and impressed by him; to have taken on the challenge for his own benefit, without anyone pressuring him, and to test his own endurance its something I admire very much.

On my biggest physical challenge (at 33) I had a group training me, pushing me and guiding me thru it all. My husband had only a schedule to follow and no one pushing him. I tried to be as supportive as possible and each unbearably hot, freezing cold or rainy day he laced up his shoes and went to fulfill his scheduled miles to run.

What impresses me the most about my husband is that when most 40 something’s are going thru silly midlife crisis (he is 43) buying expensive toys, having plastic surgery, validating their self-worth by trying to recapture their youth in the most damaging ways my husband has done two impressive things:

One, he went back to school and got a law degree and TWO he set his sights on improving his physical fitness.

Congratulations my love! You are an inspiration to me and I am so happy to have you in my life.


  1. Thank you, my love, for supporting me in my quest for 26.2! It was a wonderful feeling to see you there at the finish line (and I appreciate you letting me lean on you as we hobbled back to our vehicle).

  2. Wow, congrats to your man. He sounds like a motivated fella!

  3. Brandon already commented, but there's 2 of us, so that's double the fun, right? I already bought my midlife crisis mobile... the fast red sports car. I bought it with cash when I was 22, so now that that's out of the way, I have no choice but to be healthy and responsible in my upcoming middle age.

    Anyways, good for your husband. My balding neighbor, meanwhile, who's the same age as your hubby, just bought a bright red phallic extension of a Porsche and likes to tell the neighbors how much of a c-word his wife is. What a walking cliche.

  4. @ Beer - Thanks guys for your comments. I welcome them any time from both! As for my fella; yes, he is quite driven. I am glad he isn't the cliche and found something more constructive.

    @ Whisk - Thanks. I think I've done all the bragging for my honey. 8-)