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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Odd thanksgiving meal..

There are things that aren't easy sharing with your significant other without fearing ridicule or worst, being seen unfavorable!  My odd little tradition after thanksgiving had once repulsed a boyfriend, so the first holiday spent with my husband was a little tense and so I braced myself. The day after Thanksgiving I have my famous sandwich. I say it is famous because my friends and family are well aware of it and find it amusing to call me up after Thanksgiving to find out if I have had my traditional treat.

I really can't remember what year it began, but I was in my teens.  I was home alone at lunch time the day after Thanksgiving and I was in the kitchen looking at the pantry for something quick to eat.  I decided on a PB&J, but this simple snack I also do not fix in a simple way.  I mix both ingredients in a bowl before I spread it between the bread. 

Anyways, on that first day I took a bite out of my sandwich, but immediately felt the snack would not be enough so I peeked in the refrigerator for something else to eat. To my surprise I found some left over turkey breast that I guess we brought home from some relatives home we celebrated the day before.  It looked so appetising I served myself a small portion on a plate and nuked it.  I felt bad I had not discovered the leftovers in the fridge first because now I was stuck with my PB&J.  I figured I would have to eat my sandwich since I had already prepared it, but I was going to treat myself and pick at the turkey.  Some how the warm turkey made it in to my sandwich and the experience was so wonderful I repeated it the next year.

It was unintentional to make it a tradition; the year after I found myself in a similar situation and the memory drove me to repeat it. After the second time the excitement over the sandwich came and I've been celebrating ever since.

So I mentioned my little sandwich repulsed a boyfriend, as well as other people to be honest; OK, most people but at least my husband tried to understand my attraction to the sweet and savory combination..  On the first Thanksgiving we hosted after our marriage my in-laws came to visit and sure enough a couple of my close friends called me up to ask if I had had my sandwich. I did, and I am anticipating with great joy my sandwich this year!

What are you looking forward to on this next Thanksgiving? 

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  1. That's great fun, mixing things and finding small discovery treats and traditions.

    Happy Eating.