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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The "Estrogen Channels" - Helpful or harmful?

Like many women I enjoy watching certain female oriented cable channels.  You know, the ones where they often play dramas or romantic comedies?  My husband calls them "the estrogen channels" and tuning in usually makes him scurry out of the room.

On occasion he walks in right at a pivotal moment when I find myself sobbing or sighing and he mocks me. What he fails to realize is that these movies/shows put me in a vulnerable mood.  Instead of teasing he should"move in for the kill" or "sweep me off my feet".  After all, the ground work has been laid for him.

My honey often thanks me for never forcing him to take me to watch "girly" movies. I won't ever force him to do that, just like I expect him not to force me to join him on some of his interest that are not "my thing".

There are times when I've realized that the "estrogen channels" can be dangerous!  Yes, I admit it to YOU and have also to my husband!  Watching scenes where women are showered by what is considered romantic gestures such as receiving flowers and jewelery can make the average woman envious and start to measure her mate by these standards.

I confess, I not long ago whined to my husband about not being romantic as he used to... Poor guy looked concerned.  The very next day right before I left my office for the day my husband called me as he often does before heading home.  This time he called to tell me he had gotten out of work early and was planning on stopping at the grocery store on his way home.  He asked me to text him a short list of what we may need.

I swear, it hit me like a ton of bricks  How could I accuse him of not being romantic? Isn't his constant participation in our marriage JUST THAT??  He is considerate and shares in our daily chores.  He doesn't just take and take.  He doesn't sit back and let me do it all though some times I have to send up a few flares when he gets lost in his hobbies!  His offering to do grocery shopping without being prompted is as romantic as receiving flowers from him. 

What married woman who works (more so if she's a stay at home mom), and comes home to do the usual, cooking, cleaning, laundry wouldn't prefer her husband handle one task from the mental "to do list" instead of getting flowers?

Isn't some action that spares us even 20 minutes in a day the equivalence of a gift?  Twenty minutes can be converted in to time to pamper ourselves: a short soak in the tub, less stress and a more relaxed dinner conversation, a cat nap, whatever one could fit in 20 minutes!

I will continue to remind myself of the many unconventional ways my honey IS romantic in my real world and try to leave the stereo type romance on the boob tube strictly for entertainment.

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  1. I once knew a girl who refused to date anyone who couldn't live up to her standards of a man. Her standards, of course, being soap opera men. Men that don't exist in the real world.

    I like being romantic, but these types of women don't realize that sometimes, rubbing your wife's feet after a hard day or cooking her dinner because she's had a bad day is much, much more romantic than giving her a bouquet of flowers.

    "Great, thank you, now I can stare at these plants while my feet hurt and I'm starving."